your right to awe

There is mystery surrounding even your difficulties and suffering. Sometimes it’s through the hardest things that your heart learns its most important lessons.

As gratitude grows it gives rise to joy. We experience the courage to rejoice in our own blessings and in the good fortune of others. In joy, we are not afraid of pleasure. We do not mistakenly believe it is disloyal to the suffering of the world to honor the measure of happiness we have been given. Joy gladdens the heart. We can be joyful for people we love, for moments of goodness, for sunlight and trees, and for the very breath within our lungs. Like an innocent child, we can rejoice in life itself, in being alive.

Encounter every new moment with wonder and gratitude, and you’ll experience that it’s never too late to open your mind and your heart. As Bob Dylan sings, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Give birth to a grateful spirit and you will discover how to live fully and freely.

~Jack Kornfield

when was the last time I stopped to feel astonished?

inquiry for today~ when was the last time you stopped to feel astonished?

being in full wonder

The truth, however, is that awe is neither a paralyzing jolt nor a “feel good” boost but a profound and complex attitude. This attitude, for those fortunate enough to harbor it, embraces both apprehension and thrill, humility and the grandeur of creation. 

The awesomeness of life, of being, is inexhaustible. No matter what we lose, fear, or despise, it is there. It is there at our darkest hour, in trial as in devastation, in life as in death; because it is beyond life and death, trial and devastation.

It’s not that it is readily accessible, perceivable, or even conceivable; at our worst times, it is opaque.

However, it is available and that availability can be realized in an instant or a lifetime. Awe, finally, is our humility and wonder before creation, and our astonishment before creation. It is neither the bliss-filled light nor the despair-riddled dark—but the MORE—whether bliss-filled or desperate.

~Kirk Schneider

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