here behind the pain

When you’re going through a hard time, the suffering might feel relentless. But often there are moments when the sun peeks through the clouds.

Keep in mind that everything is impermanent, including negative mind states, and notice any moments of well-being that arise- smile when you see children playing, pleasure at tasting a favorite food, the warmth of sharing a hug with a friend, or the satisfaction in reading a good book.

Don’t miss these moments. You might also try gratitude practice to remind yourself of any blessings in your life.

Whenever positive feelings arise in your body and mind, pause to notice and take them in.

~James Baraz

how I see the mountain is so different than the unarmed steadiness of the mountain itself….

inquiry for today~ wish for yourself the ability to carry on……

what does it mean to thrive?

Barn’s burnt down-


I can see the moon.

~Mizuta Masahide

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