how we plan lightly

How intention glows determines where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural and interpersonal connection grow. your intention sets the direction of attention and connection.

When we set intention in awareness with initial purposeful effort, we influence what will also become intention even outside awareness.

This creates a state of mind that can be present without our conscious effort. This is how a repeated, purposefully created state of mind during a practice becomes an automatic trait in our lives.

When that state is one of kindness and compassion, that trait is one of connection.

~Daniel Siegel

sometimes it’s best to just watch the fire burn down….

inquiry for today~ perhaps draw your senses into awareness for a few moments today……

inward again

Sometimes in objectless awareness we turn our attention to awareness itself, and it is neither that which contains everything nor that which knows, but is more like a deep felt sense that we are aware. We are here. We are fully present, and everything seems to be happening on its own. This way of experiencing awareness can often surprise you, but it may feel like the awareness is unshakable, that it spontaneously is present, and that there is not much you can do to stop being aware. No matter what is happening, including thoughts, we are fully and uncompromisingly aware.

So awareness is essentially knowing itself. You’ve turned from the objects of awareness to the awareness itself.

~Diana Winston

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