here in beauty’s surrender

You think you can define me,

That I’m a tick in just one box,

Like my being is a door,

That a single key unlocks,

But let me tell you something,

I have the universe inside,

I hold an untamed ocean,

With a constant changing tide,

I’m home to endless mountains,

With tips that touch the sky,

Flocks of grand migrating birds,

And deserts harsh and dry,

I house the wildest rivers,

And a host of sweeping plains,

I feel in waves of sunshine,

Or in unrelenting rains,

Don’t tell me that you know me,

That “this right here is what you are,”

I am the universe in motion,

For I was born from stars.


how can you lean into the harsh daydreams that feel smooth like glass?

inquiry for today~ maybe your fears are little drops in the cool clear pool or maybe they are falling stars….

how stars are like oceans

These pains you feel

are messengers.

Listen to them.


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