to work for life

Work is an important element of monastic life.  Benedict called for his monks to live by the work of their own hands.  Monastic spirituality calls us to be present to the gifts of meaningful work, work which gives us shelter and food, work which allows us to be a part of something larger than ourselves, work which gives us space for creative expression.

Work isn’t always what we are paid to do.  Meaningful work is rooted in our sense of vocation – what we have been called by God to offer in service through our unique gifts.  Work is co-creative.  It contributes to the flourishing of heaven on earth.

As monks in the world, work life is perhaps the hallmark of our relationship to our communities.  It is often the place where we make our offering.  Even if our work feels tedious, we are called as monks to be present to each moment and enter into it with love.  In this way we grow in freedom and discover how we are being called even more deeply to transform the world.

~Christine Valters Paintner

when the forsaken light of the wan day offers no regrets…

inquiry for today~ what is your call to love? fiercely and without fail?

nothing forgotten

citizen of dark times

Learn tropism toward the difficult.
We have not arrived to explain, but to sing.
Young idealism ripens into an ethical life.
Prune back regret to let faith grow.

When you hit rock bottom, dig farther down.
Grief is the seed of singing, shame the seed of song.
Keep seeing what you are not saying.
Plunder your reticence.

Songbird guards a twig, its only weapon a song.

~Kim Stafford

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