how to spark

I was a voice

crying out from the wilderness

you silenced me with a glance

a wanderer

you seated me

among the placeless

now utterly alone

I’ve become




you remember

naked unless clothed

in your Truth!

~Roger Loff

when despair looms ahead…

inquiry for today~ spring is coming……

be still

As bodhisattvas who sit in the middle of the fire, this worlding is our practice. It may not seem, as we witness environmental destruction and governmental dystopia, as thought the whole world is making the effort with us. Nevertheless, we must do our best not to become discouraged or defeated. Sometimes this requires a leap of faith. It is the nature of Shakyamuni’s world that we will find ourselves beset with problems. Is this not the reason for our efforts? Is this not why we bring forth practice-realization? Each of us must ask, how can I respond with equanimity, wisdom, and compassion in every situation? We can find the strength to respond to the call of practice-realization through vow and sangha; for this reason, we must surround ourselves with people who share our interest in finding peaceful and inclusive ways to untangle the acrimony of our times.

I suggest we give up the idea that we are going to be able to up out this fire. If we think we can change the world once and for all, I fear we are in for disillusionment, frustration, and anger. We are the fire, and the fire is us. We are the blue lotus, and the blue lotus is us. It is our practice and our realization. It is “the time and place.”

~Shinshu Roberts

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