wild, curious mind

The mind is indeed where the wild things are. It contains our fears for the future and the future of those we love, our regrets and shame stored up from the past, our confusion about who we are and who we ought to be, our anger with the ogres of the world, our annoyance with people who just aren’t fitting into our version of how they ought to be, and our annoyance at being so petty in trying to fit people, into boxes. All that and much more lurks in the mind.

In mindfulness meditation we find ourselves alone, with all the wild things jumping out from behind the bushes in our psyche. With steadiness and encouragement, we can see the monsters as just thoughts workable and tamable- as in Maurice Sendak’s children’s book.

~Barry Boyce

silly us….thinking all the time….when we could be experiencing….

inquiry for today~ you don’t have to be afraid of all the dark places

your brain train

Take a seat right now. You will soon notice that the mind is not all that interested in following the breath. You have to bring it back again and again. Take particular notice of the judgments arising. Be a little curious about the effect they have in your body. You may even think, I can’t meditate. No need to enter into a conversation with the judge, just return to the sensation of the breath. By simply noticing the judgment, you can quickly see through it- it’s just a fleeting thought. This is how you gradually, breath by breath, undermind the power of harsh judgment. Just another judgment, back to the breath.

If we ignore what bothers us, it bothers us more. Don’t be afraid to take stock of your own heart and mind.

~Carolyn Gimian

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