the quality of mind

The richness of our environment is based on the level of our awareness. The world “out there” is the way we perceive it “in here,” and that’s not a static affair, for our reality changes with our perception of it. It is for that reason that refinement of perception is seen as an indispensable part of any spiritual progress. From gross to subtle, to celestial and beyond, with every change in awareness, there is a corresponding change in perception, and as a result, in our environment. We are literally molding our reality by the way we perceive it. The true seeing unfolds in being able to appreciate the subtlest aspect of creation in all is beauty and splendor.

To sum it up without any attempts to pin it down, there is no Awareness without Movement within its own Stillness. Consciousness is conscious of Itself because of Its inherent movement within. What is real or unreal here is indeed a matter of perception. Hence, the world is as you see it. Whatever you perceive, behold it tenderly; it is alive and throbbing with infinite possibilities of which you are but an expression of Love in Its pure potentiality.

~Igor Kufayev

spinning out of control….

inquiry for today~ you are not wrong….you are discovering…….

how beauty lives

Instead of using energy to focus, use intelligence and wisdom by waiting and watching. Right effort is called “right” because there is a lot of wisdom present. Be cool and calm. Be interested. Accept, examine, and study whatever is happening as it is. Don’t interfere with what is happening. Don’t try to make something unwanted disappear or stop. Don’t try to create preferred experiences. Notice that the mind is doing its own work through recognizing, being aware, knowing, thinking about the practice, and being interested. We’re just seeing and acknowledging the work that the mind is already doing. Right effort is to keep reminding yourself to be aware.

~Sayadaw U Tejaniya

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