the shift of wise women

The more democratic we become, the more we are prepared for Whitman; the more tolerant, fraternal, sympathetic we become, the more we are ready for Whitman; the more we inure ourselves to the open air and to real things, the more we value and understand our own bodies, the more the woman becomes the mate and equal of the man, the more social equality prevails, — the sooner will come to Whitman fullness and fruition. Of all dangers to a nation, as things exist in our day, there can be no greater one than having certain portions of the people set off from the rest by a line drawn — they not privileged as others, but degraded, humiliated, made of no account.

~John Burroughs

how is it we see our lives so taut and rigid with defined structures?

inquiry for today~ how will it be? can it be? happens to be?

whispers of tension

The race is never separated — nor man nor woman
All is inextricable — things, spirits, nature, nations,
you too — from precedents you come.

The creation is womanhood;
Have I not said that womanhood involves all?
Have I not told how the universe has nothing better
than the best womanhood?

~Walt Whitman

4 thoughts on “the shift of wise women

  1. As I said before, I cannot write on your blog as it’s literally invisible to me.
    Therefore I go here, in the reader of WP:
    I want the red hat – looks good to me
    I don’t know much beyond common knowledge of Walt Whitman but I know he did great things. Is there a special reason you admire him NOW? Something I’ve missed? I know it was Intern. Women’s Day but is it ‘this’`?

    • absolutely. love the empowerment. never has it been so needed. to celebrate men and women together. and I’m sorry you can’t access comments on site. hmmmm. have you tried chrome? thanks Kiki….

      • It’s YOUR set-up of your website that does it. It’s all too pale, there’s no difference between the background and the writing. I think I told you that at the first rendez-vous and if it wasn’t for the Reader on WP, couldn’t (be bothered to) access your work – which would be a pity.

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