be you.

We are created, creative beings,
made to give and receive, to enjoy and grieve,
to fumble and learn, to care for and hold close, uplift and let go.

Creation is still unfolding, and we are part of that story, telling.
There is still hope to hold and vision to receive.

Even in the falling apart times, the what-now times,
the rising, reviving and beginning-again times.

Not everything we make will be good along the way,
but it is good that we are making.

When we make, we see connections,
when we see connections, we Come Alive.

So, yes, you were made to make.
To Be With, to Be Still, to Listen and See.
To activate your sacred creative energy.
To Make and Relate, Be-Loving.
Expressive. Receptive. Free.
Formed and forming.

~Hali Karla

it’s all in the way we make life special…

inquiry for today~ notice your innate need to create for real…..

it’s this beautiful moment

I have been reading mystics all my life, men and women like Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Simone Weil, Meister Eckhart, Shunryu Suzuki, and Black Elk. These are extraordinary people who seem to have broken through a barrier between the human and the divine.

But I think that not only can ordinary people like you and me be mystics, we should be mystics. It is an important part of the religious life, allowing us to exist in both time and eternity, in this world and in another world. Mystical experiences help maintain a religious attitude toward life by giving us regular experiences of being in a timeless space.

In our case, we don’t have to have such high and exalted experiences of mysticism. It’s enough to have mere moments, once in a while, when we forget time and move away from the usual busyness that absorbs our secular attention.The experience doesn’t have to last long, maybe only a few seconds, and it may occur in the most ordinary circumstances, such as riding in a train or plane or standing at the edge of the ocean.

Such moments when the self disappears may not by themselves be significant in your religion, but if you make an effort to make them part of your life, take them seriously, and in your imagination weave them into your practice, then they may well become an important ingredient in your religion. Intention and style are important in transforming a simple experience into a component of your religion.

~Thomas Moore

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