this love

When the Great Heart awakens, we feel a compelling sense that all is well no matter what. We feel our self at rest in our home ground, intimate with all things, but his intimacy is not persona. Strange as it may seem, the greatest intimacy is the least personal. When this is known and felt, the heart has awakened to its true nature.

Beyond archetypes and essential qualities lies the Great Heart of awareness. When we tap into this, we know that we are whole and not separate from anyone or anything, and we know that this is true of everyone, whether they realize it or not. This recognition does not make us special; it releases us form the need to be special. Love is unconditional. There are no strings attached and no bargains to make. Further, the scope of this love is all-embracing- it is the only thing that holds the individual and collective suffering of humanity.

As the Great Heart opens, we sense the suffering of others more acutely, even as our own suffering resolves. There is an extraordinary amount of suffering in this world that is too much for any individual to bear, no matter how caring and compassionate they may be. When we discover the Great or Universal Heart (sometimes associated with the archetype of the Great Mother), we can experience a sense of discovering That Which Holds It All.

~John Prendergast

who’s to say why?

inquiry for today~ this Heart, Who’s Heart?

when it’s time

When you know beyond all doubting

that the same life flows through all that is,

and you are that life, then you will love

all naturally and spontaneously.

~Nisargadatta Maharaj

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