can’t bypass this

Considering that self-discovery is constant and ongoing, it’s important to think about the role it plays in your life and how it can be best achieved. While the rhetoric of solo travel is that time aline is necessary to get to know yourself, really it’s the opposite. “Reflection is often the purview of an individual in solitude, but we discover ourselves within relationships.” This isn’t to underestimate or undermine time spent alone, just to note that leaning experiences also happen as a result of interactions with others, both those who play significant roles in our lives and those with cameo appearances.

We can’t know ourselves theoretically. We can come up with many theories about ourselves and how we work, but life shows the reality. The search for the self often emerges at times of difficulty or unwanted change. The concept usually grows out of a feeling of discomfort or disquiet, something internally doesn’t feel quite right. Th process of uncovering them is akin to coaxing a small, scared animal out of its hiding. This highlights the importance of practicing self-kindness and compassion throughout the process of finding yourself.

~Elizabeth Bennett

when I’m missing all that I cannot name….

inquiry for today~ it’s a fair assumption that you are not alone right now……

the way ahead

Give the ones you live wings to fly,

roots to come back and reasons to stay.

~Dalai Lama

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