remembering when we gathered

Since core limiting beliefs are irrational as well as existential, it is much more effective to access an intuitive form of knowing- heart wisdom- when questioning them. I have found that inviting attention into the heart area and then innocently asking, “What is my deepest knowing about this belief?” is the most direct approach. It’s a deceptively simple and open process. Something in us (our true nature- which is not really a thing- knows what is true.

Who you really are- your true nature- is beyond love or hate, affirmation, or negation. It exists beyond any dimension of thought. You are not who you think you are.

Modern humans have been around- mostly in small groups of hunters and gatherers- for several hundred thousand years. As a result, our psychology and morality is fundamentally tribal.

As we learn to tap into the interior of our body and inhabit it, we can sense a subtle current of aliveness that runs vertically through the core. It feels like a clear, luminous line of energy that runs upward close to the spine. It seems to well up from the ground like a pure spring and feels as if it radiates high above our head. If you imagine that your body is suspended in midair by a fine line located at the top of your head, you may get a sense of it.

I call it the current of life because it contains an essential aliveness and intelligence. The fewer filters we have- limiting beliefs, emotional reactions, and somatic contractions- the easier it is to sense this core animating luminosity.


it’s ok to deny, then retreat, then open to truth….

inquiry for today~ look beyond your day-to-day reality….open to what you feel……

Bring down your colors

Break open your box of song

Beauty lifts us up

~Mirabai Starr

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