how to be unspiritual

We are not survival of the fittest,

we are the survival of the nurtured.

~Louis Cozolino

from the moment I found home I can be my fullest self

inquiry for today~ what is home now?

this too is my life

At first, you will not recognize the radiance hidden in all the darkness that has befallen you. The grief, the longing. You will not be equipped with the skills required to translate the secret Welcome Home sign planted in your soul’s ravaged landscape; it will look like Keep Out. If someone were to tell you that your losses were your passage to a voyage across the sea of samsara, the suffering of illusion, to the land of Nirvana, the bliss of awakening, you would not believe them. Even if 20 people told you this pain was a blessing, you would not believe them. You will think you are doing it wrong, that your suffering is not redemptive; it is messy and awkward. Unspiritual.

Your discovery of the restorative root system underlying your ruined life will come later, in the inevitable springtime, when the small green shoots of compassion muscle their way up and out of the charred earth to spread and bud and flower and propagate themselves. You will eat, because you will be hungry. And then you will feed the world, because you will not be able to resist the impulse to share the bounty.

~Mirabai Starr

3 thoughts on “how to be unspiritual

  1. Only by shedding its skin does the serpent and crustacean grow … We become accustomed to our environment, and when it changes we call it something different “a plight’, yet what has really changed, we walk the same floor, we drink from the same cup – Thought Forms! such powerful forces and we ignore their creation

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