why- and then?

The world is going to need to re-think its social contract. That social contract is the contract between human beings and the compassion they show towards one another. It isn’t going to be just about the money, although that is a certain part of it. It is about our perceptions of those less fortunate and what we ought to do to support them. Institutions can give the money, but they don’t dispense the compassion. That’s up to us. We need, as individuals and as a society, to take a long hard look this question. We should begin now, because the question is being forced upon us with an urgency that will only become apparent later, after the excitement of disease is over.

Solutions to the overwhelming challenges that will face us must begin in love; and they must begin with us as individuals, because we cannot rely on corporations or governments to be loving. They are machines that do not know how. We human beings are the conscious components of those machines, and if we don’t collectively exercise our awareness and our love to affect the direction of things, our machines will probably crush us instead of supporting us.

This means I myself have a new responsibility of awareness which extends beyond my thinking, my feelings, and my sensation, into my place in life itself: tendrils of awareness that may begin within myself and in my own, if meager, efforts that love, but extend into the lives of others. My awareness can help me to build a network of sensitivity towards others that will have a tiny but real effect on the lives of others. 

To the extent that we all work on that practice, we can help each other, and the world itself, in ways that our institutions are unable.

~Lee Van Laer

it seems so cold and raw and unruly….

inquiry for today~ how does your truth lend your heart to help?

what is a natural disaster?

Speak your truths,

and let your heart be heard,

for even disaster

is beautiful

when it is pure.

~Becca Lee

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