from the sweet ground

Weapons cannot cut It,

nor can fire burn It,

water cannot wet It,

nor can wind dry It.

~Bhagavad Gita

no one can leave you behind…..

inquiry for today~ time for the calling to turn toward…..

when you run away

Feeling Nature’s rhythms, participating in her ever-cycling birth and growth, death and rebirth, we’re reminded that change is also always happening in us- in our inner world of thoughts and feelings, organs and cells.

In Nature we may feel- without effort or warning- that trauma’s burdens are slipping from our shoulders. We know then in our bones the truth that the studies tell us: that Nature relaxes and focuses us.

Bending to Nature, bonding with her, we are pulled out of trauma’s doomed loop, back into the ordinary, ever-flowing current of life and of our lives, of life and death and rebirth.

~James Gordon

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