never forever

The world is full of beautiful places.

Let your heart be one of them.

~Jenim Dibie

when I forget there is nothing we really know…

inquiry for today~ being real isn’t about drama- it’s about care…..

how to articulate pain

It has finally come to pass that anyone can see that human beings are intimately connected to one another all over the planet. Information that alters cells passes from one of us to another to another invisibly, and has journeyed swiftly around this globed Earth. We’ve noticed this connection because this particular information damages the human body — even the bodies of the privileged — and thus requires our attention. It also seems to require that we distance ourselves from the receptive, sensing, tender flesh of each other — for now, perhaps a long now. Grief and loneliness weave us together, too.

The idea that we are all connected is hardly new, but in this precious moment, imaginative thoughts about our connection are almost certainly activated simultaneously, all over the world, for the first time. What if the simultaneous recognition of connection rearranges the shared consciousness in which we are entangled?

Lives are disrupted now — habits, schedules, routines in epic disarray. Stress and fear are intimate companions. Expectations and entitlements on pause.  The fragility of the American dream — the Western worldview — is exposed. The scarcity of trusted leaders on the world stage — not to mention visionary leaders — is also exposed. 

Now we tend our own safety. We tend to the living, and we tend to the dead extinguished by this virus — perhaps not only the human dead. Some of us howl in lamentation as well as in longing to carry our truest gifts to our people, to a hungry world.

But meanwhile. 
Meanwhile. A breath. An opening. 
A moment long enough for us to hear faint whispers, creaking voices, strange poetry, distant music.  Are these from the edges of that otherworld, or are they rising from the wreckage of this one?

~Geneen Marie Haugen

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