belief & trust

So here we sit, with ourselves.  

So here I sit alone, 

So here you sit alone,

With yourself,

Your kids,

Your loved ones,

Your not-so-loved ones.

Here we sit alone.

And yet, we are together.

So now what?

What do we know to be true?

We know that in facing ourselves, no matter what we see,

With breath and compassion

We are held.

We know that in watching our responses, 

With a tender heart


By blessing that freaking out human,

We can come back to center.

And from center,

We get choice.

Coming back to breath,

Coming back to blessing,

To prayer,

To anything

That can tether us home,

This is the journey of self-observation without judgment.

And from home, we get to choose our behavior.  

With compassion for ourselves,

We get to “manage our own shit.”

We get to choose.

Who do we choose to be in this?

Who do I choose to be?

I choose to feel.

I choose to live within myself.

I choose to hold myself with compassion.

I choose to discover ways to love you.

I need you.

~Aruni Futuronsky 

for the offer of kinder moments….

inquiry for today~ and it’s not really hopeful……and we still forgive….

forgive the lost days

I was walking our dog during the pandemic, the neighborhood empty, the clouds heavy, and, through my headphones, the music of a man now gone, the love from his soul helping me keep my head above water. And though it’s hard to bow to the vastness of the sea when being pulled under, hard to believe in the merit of light when lost in the dark, hard to wait on love when painfully lonely—these larger truths never stop being true. Even as I voice this, someone is dying in the hall of an overcrowded hospital, while another is lifted from their own hell by the grace of a kindness no one saw coming. As if the spirit of the one dying arrives like pollen in the heart of the one stuck in hell, giving them just enough to begin again. If we could only give the extra warmth we receive to someone who is shivering. If we could shed the masks that keep us from ourselves, there would be enough to save the world. 

~Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “belief & trust

  1. Utter beauty and truth in this. In a podcast this morning the “resilience and happiness” teacher (I kid you not) put much weight on the “strength of the soul” which I found encouraging as not many nowadays even wish to admit that a soul exists! Wishing you a good week.

    • I love language of the soul. Joseph Campbell. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. D.H. Lawrence. Would love to see more reference to soul as a real-life way of healing and connection. Thank you:)

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