the stirrings of dark & light

A beginner’s introduction to the art of chasing rainbows:

Facing the dark sides of life.

Changing perceptions.

When dreams become delusions.

Reawaken a sense of wonder.

Nothing lasts forever.

The power of interconnectedness.

Finding pleasure in the sheer superficialities of life.

Not everything is supposed to be colorful, and yet it is wonderful.

~Simone Datzberger

we need color. we need beauty. we need possibility.

inquiry for today~ may you see that we never lose these things…..

room for everything

We are asked to pick up the threads

of the forgotten myths of our times

and tell the story of what is really important.

We know in our cells how to live in this kind of intimacy
and reciprocity with our world, re-membering our dignity,
our belonging, and what in the deepest sense
we are here to serve.

Gaia invites you to look deeper into the stories
you tell about the world and your place in it.

It is revolutionary when you recognize
the stories that drain you,
and learn to feed the ones that give you resilience;
when you put your trust in your own
direct experience of the divine,
and the unique and sometimes subtle
ways she guides you.

~Chameli Ardagh

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