from the opening

To be right here, right now.

This for me is the kindest and most helpful of values.  When I am able to stay in this moment, to tether myself back from my racing mind scanning the news and trying to outline a new world that doesn’t exist, in the moment, in the presence of this moment, I am safe, I am protected, I am connected.

We are safe.  We are protected.  We are connected.

Right here, right now, no matter what happens.

The future thinking, the figuring it out—literally takes us away from the solution, the return-back.

Utilizing whatever tether works for you, breath, mantra, sound, music, keep coming back to the moment.  No matter how far away you travel, no matter how long you are gone, whenever you notice the galloping mind, with ultimate compassion, breathe back, come back—

Return-back to the moment.

Walking with prayer is my practice.  Moving my body and repeating mantra, affirmation, prayer is my doorway back. 

How can I welcome my fear, honor it as an appropriate response, yet choose to not dwell within it?  

Self-observation without judgment, the core Kripalu teaching, gives us access to non-judgmental compassion.  By allowing the fear, by befriending it, without judging it, we are able to lean away from it and return back to the moment; we literally change our brain and create, again and again, a pathway to relaxed compassion.

What can you do for yourself today that is compassionate?

~Aruni Futuronsky

when I miss a place….I am more grateful to be right here….

inquiry for today~ explore your wanderings and your relationship to home….

within this

Life can be magnificent

and overwhelming.

That is the whole tragedy.

Without beauty, love or danger

it would almost be easy to live.

~Albert Camus

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