care of the moment

Breathe deeply

until sweet air

extinguishes the

burn of fear

in your lungs

and every breath

is a beautiful refusal

to become anything

less than infinite.

~d. antoinette foy

we can’t forget to find space around us….

inquiry for today~ there is no right way

around the sun

And even as we are sheltered in place, may we look for occasions to practice spontaneous gestures of sacred reciprocity for the wild Ones, for our communities, for the world. Prayers for the dead, for the suffering. Ceremonies for babes just arriving, for the return of migratory creatures, for the blossoms of spring.  Even if it seems that the Others do not know, we send revitalizing elixirs of praise and grief through the immense networks that connect us to one another, and to the body-psyche of Earth. In this way, we also make ourselves more porous to the mystery reaching toward us, more porous to Earth’s own longings now sending signals toward a receptive human imagination.

~Geneen Haugen

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