when melancholy sweeps in

But when the soul contemplates in herself,
by herself, she passes into the realm of the
pure, the eternal, the undying and
unchanging. Being akin to these she
always stays there whenever she is by
herself and it is in her power to do so. She
ceases wandering and she is unmoving,
because she has attained these qualities.
And this state of the soul is called


I want to feel everything, no matter what….

inquiry for today~ when you turn your head to whisper, you are sensing your own sweet growing heart…..

yes, sleep well, dear one

When any drowsy one awakes and
springs up, him the nurse Imagination
beguiles, saying ‘Go to sleep my darling,
for I will not let anyone disturb thy
But you, if you are awake, will tear up
your slumber by the roots like a thirsty
man who heard the sound of running


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