these wings

Our whole world falls apart, and we’ve been given this great opportunity. However, we don’t trust our basic wisdom mind enough to let it stay like that. Our habitual reaction is to want to get ourselves back- even our anger, resentment, fear, or bewilderment. So we re-create our solid, immovable personality as if we were Michelangelo chiseling ourselves out of marble.

If we can look at and see the wildness of emotion, we can not only begin to befriend and soften toward ourselves, but we can also begin to befriend all human beings and indeed all living beings. By becoming aware of how we do this silly thing again and again because we don’t want to dwell in the uncertainty and awkwardness and pain of not knowing, we begin t develop true compassion for ourselves and everyone else, because we see what happens and how we react when things fall apart. That awareness is what turns the sword into a flower. It is how what is seemingly ugly and problematic and unwanted actually becomes our teacher.

~Pema Chodron

there’s nothing quite like a new turn in how I see…

inquiry for today~ make a poem out of your angst today…..

when you see me

At home amidst 
the bees 
the garden 
in the summer 
the sky
a broad roof 
for the house 
of contentment 
where I wish 
live forever
in the eternity 
of my own fleeting
and momentary 

I walk toward
the kitchen
door as if walking 
toward the 
door of a recognized 

and see the 
simplicityof shelves and 
the blue dishes 
and the 
steam rising
from the kettle 
that called me in. 

Not just this 
aromatic cup
from which to drink 
but the flavour
of a life made whole 
and lovely
through the 
seeking its way. 

Not just this 
house around me 
but the arms
of a fierce
but healing world. 

Not just this line 
I write
but the innocence 
of an earned 
flowing again 
through hands 
made new with 

And a man
with no company
but his house,
his garden,
and his own
well peopled solitude, 

the silences 
and chambers 
of the heart 
to start again.

~David Whyte

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