it’s not ok to deny

When times become dark and difficult the issue for those on earth comes down to living authentically, to authenticating the purpose and meaning already present in each soul. The eloquence of creation and meaningful imagination continues to resonate and reverberate through the world and waits to be found where it has always resided in the heart within the heart, in the living stories that reconnect the mind and the heart as well as each heart to both heaven and earth.

Myth invites us and involves us in the necessary project of finding enough imagination and vision to keep restoring and “re-storying” the world. Whenever the end seems near it is important to have a mythic sense, a story-mind, an awareness of imaginal things; not a fantasy to escape with, but a sense of living imagination that can connect us to the hidden unity and ongoing eloquence of creation.

~Michael Meade

we can’t win. we can heal.

inquiry for today~ are you ready to listen?

of course you can find joy

Learn to sit back and observe.

Not everything needs a reaction.


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