this return to the beginning

Not all nights are for sleeping. Some are for unraveling old stories and learning new ones. Something driving or pushing forward in a way that demands our awakeness, even in the dark.

It is in so many ways this kind of night right now, even though the sun keeps lapping across the sky and our minds blend like thick porridge across the days.

There is much to dismantle and re-imagine. There are old mythologies that kept harsh realities at bay. Nights like this demand we let the old myths go and learn, not by rote but by turning around to look straight on at how we got here. To face our romanticism or idealism and the way they were just a cover. The way ignorance allows and conspires with violence.

Not all nights are for sleeping. Mostly there is no revelation or reward waiting like an easy exchange for lost slumber.

There is only the living pushing its way through whatever each day and night holds—the short ones and the ones that last months or years.

~Jen Lee

joyful meandering through color and texture….

inquiry for today~ what will you make special today?

synchronized hope

It’s a serious thing

just to be alive

on this fresh morning

in this broken world.

~Mary Oliver

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