moon, now

I should be glad of loneliness

and hours that go on broken wings,

a thirsty body, a tired heart

and the unchanging ache of things

If I could make a single song

as lovely and as full of light

as hushed and brief as a falling star

on a winter night.

~Sara Teasdale

it’s a sweet spot I find myself in….

inquiry for today~ what is underneath living today?

what I cannot unsee

Spiritual practice is intended to direct your attention back to that still point.

The more you can sense presence, if just for moments,

the more you increase your capacity to respond to life rather than react to life.

When it comes to finding your way, it’s not about finding the path, it’s about finding your path.

May you find your place in the world of things … and thrive.

~Jonathon Faust

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