light drifting

Whatever has happened, whatever is going to happen in the world,

it is the living moment that contains the sum of the excitement,

this moment in which we touch life and all the energy of the past and future.

Here is all the developing greatness of the dream of the world,

the pure flash of momentary imagination,

the vision of life lived outside of triumph or defeat,

in continual triumph and defeat, in the present, alive.

All the crafts of subtlety, all the effort, all the loneliness and death,

the thin and blazing threads of reason, the spill of blessing,

the passion behind these silences-

all the invention turns to one end: the fertilizing of the moment,

so that there may be more life.

~Muriel Rukeyser

the cold light shifts to warm each time we notice….

inquiry for today~ maybe the holy moments come with the light….

where tension releases

Expose yourself to your deepest fear,

after that,

fear has no power,

and the fear of freedom

shrinks and vanishes.

You are free.

~Jim Morrison

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