seeking joy

Nothing is worth more than laughter,

it is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself,

to be light.

~Frida Kahlo

it’s all fun really…

inquiry for today~ and the moment we take ourselves lightly, we can pause…..

look behind and laugh to say goodbye

And yet the irony is that while I am keenly aware of the preciousness of my days and even my hours, overall I don’t generally feel more rushed in my life or more compelled to get things done faster. Instead, I am compelled to inhabit my days more fully so that each one feels more like a wide expanse and an open field of possibility rather than a narrow tunnel nearing its end.

This is the heart of our relationship to time – first, experiencing its cyclical rhythms so that we don’t experience ourselves as rushing toward deadlines and the end of things, but always moving toward new beginnings as well. Second, a more expansive and present way of being in the world, where we might touch and taste eternity more often. Eternity is not something that happens after we die, eternity exists here in all the glorious spaces where we lose track of time because our hearts are so full of wonder and delight. God is a God of circles and rhythms, inviting us always to fall fully into this moment.

~Christine Valters Paintner

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