from the letting go

Some days I feel like a human being,

while others I feel more like a sound.

I touch the world not as myself,

but as an echo of who I was.

~Ocean Vuong

ambling along just waiting for roses to bloom….

inquiry for today~ how is it lightening up for you?

where we meet

May your hands always be busy

May your feet always be swift

May you have a strong foundation

When the winds of changes shift

May your heart always be joyful

May your song always be sung

And May you stay forever young

May you stay forever young.

~Bob Dylan

2 thoughts on “from the letting go

    • Ok:) Let’s go with that. And then try to remember how age is about what we let go rather than what we take in….thanks g.f.s….may you feel the graciousness of years going by….

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