the brave call

Simply look with perceptive eyes

at the world around you

and trust our own reactions and convictions.

Ask yourself, “Does this subject move me to feel,

think, and dream?”

~Ansel Adams

I’ve been here exploring a long time…

inquiry for today~ what are you discovering?

just a dream

It must be we are waiting for the perfect moment.

It must be under all the struggle we want to go on.

It must be, that deep down we are creatures getting ready for when we are needed.

It must be that waiting for the listening ear or the appreciative word,

for the right woman, or the right man, or the right one, or even the right moment just to ourselves,

we are getting ready to be ready and nothing else- Like this moment

just before the evening light arrives working by the kitchen window,

sensing a deep down symmetry in every blessed thing.

The way that everything unbeknownst to us is preparing to meet us too.

Just on the other side of the door someone is about to knock

and our life is just about to change and finally after all these years rehearsing,

behind the curtain, we might just be ready to go on.

~David Whyte

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