this is all we have

You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips.

Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs,

but people more than anything else.

You will need other people and you will need

to be that other person to someone else,

a living breathing screaming

invitation to believe better things.

~Jamie Tworkowski

when I forget how to find the best memories

inquiry for today~ settle in for the long haul….

when it’s too real

No one but me by the fire,

my hands burning

red in the palms while

the night wind carries

everything away outside.

All this petty worry

while the great cloak

of the sky grows dark

and intense

round every living thing.

What is precious

inside us does not

care to be known

by the mind

in ways that diminish

its presence.

What we strive for

in perfection

is not what turns us

into the lit angel

we desire.

What disturbs

and then nourishes

has everything

we need.

What we hate

in ourselves

is what we cannot know

in ourselves but

what is true to the pattern

does not need

to be explained.

Inside everyone

is a great shout of joy

waiting to be born…



in the tumult

of the night

I hear the walnut

above the child’s swing


its dark limbs

in the wind

and the snow now

come to

beat against my window

and somewhere

in this cold night

of wind and stars

the first whispered

opening of

those hidden

and invisible springs

that uncoil

in the still summer air

each yet

to be imagined


~David Whyte

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