when spring is coming

I am enchanted

when I see beauty bloom

from darkness.

~April Yvette

and I have to remember to trust….

inquiry for today~ this existential reckoning…..

at least we have each other

I don’t know about you, but given the news of the world as of late,

I’ve been feeling somewhat sickened inside.

How do we endure the pain and suffering we cause each other?

How do we respond with wisdom and compassion?

In the meantime:

The Foxes stop by to snack on fallen birdseed, preparing for their litters.

The Gulls have arrived, harvesting the first hatching of larvae and insects.

The Eagles are turning their eggs and spelling each other at the nest.

The Spring Peepers have emerged from the frozen muck.

The Canada Geese are pairing off.

On one hand, a Zen saying speaks to noticing how life … just happens:

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”

On the other hand, we are encouraged to listen deeply

to the “heart’s quivering in response to suffering” and inquire, “How can I help?”

Maybe both hands work together.

When we pause, it’s possible to name what is here.

When we listen with the heart, it’s possible to shift from reacting to life to responding to life.

Whatever your experience may be right now, may you hold it with wisdom and love.

~Jonathan Foust

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