thinking out loud

in the paradox

that is this universe

I envy the mindless atoms

I long to drift through time and space

without becoming self-aware

awareness leads to realization

and realization leads to sadness

and I think that I

have had enough sadness already

but then again

who am I to put a limit on emotions

who am I to play God like some cruel man

beating his fists at the sky with despair

I have not been given the right

to decree my own fate

and that is something I must swallow

without allowing it to linger on my tongue

because I have never been fond of bitterness

and yet I am not given a choice in

whether or not to taste it

I would like to meet a man named irony

and laugh at him someday

he is everywhere without even realizing it

like atoms


when the day breaks over our wonderings….

inquiry for today~ beauteous longings may find you today……

when we pray

I am filled with a desire for clarity

and meaning

within a world and condition

that offers neither.

~Albert Camus

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