you listen well

Just stand here in stillness, with a broken heart, raw with pain. Hold steady and take note. There is only change—from great shifts through the millennia, to plagues and pandemics, to passing moments. None of them belongs to anyone. I feel an upwelling of love for this mutable world, a wish to tend it with care.

Having sat with both parents and friends as they died, having birthed and accompanied the birthing of others, I know that in birth and death we enter a region outside time and space. It’s where I rest now. No conditions, only ease. Can I call it happiness? No one can truly name these things.

~Barbara Gates

what can we do?

inquiry for today~ settle for the next right thing…..

heal the loss of hope

Detachment is giving up on how it turns out,

and devotion is surrendering into love.

The practice is to keep an eye on both

and maintain the balance.

~Ram Dass

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