crazy deep

Perhaps I am stronger than I think.

Perhaps I am even afraid of my strength, and turn it against myself, thus making myself weak. Making myself secure. Making myself guilty.

Perhaps I am most afraid of the strength of God in me. Perhaps I would rather be guilty and weak in myself, than strong in Him whom I cannot understand.

~Thomas Merton

why? with what practice? how will I know?

inquiry for today~ what do you sense in your day?

centered and grounded

It feels so good to love things. The world has so much love. Love is shooting into everything. The nature is full of love. You can even swim and play in it. People need to know that love is the best –and even better than the whole world. The love comes from the spirit world and from your heart. The love doesn’t go away. It stays always with you. When we hug, the warm kiss of love comes, like bread in the oven. Love never, never, never, never, never, never, never is gone. It lasts even after you die. Still the love is in you after you die. I wish all people could have lots of love.

~Mila Matryoshka (age 5)

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