dropping down & in & around

The grief we carry is part of the grief of the world. Hold it gently. Let it be honored. You do not have to keep it in anymore. You can let it go into the heart of compassion; you can weep.

Releasing the grief we carry can be a long, tear-filled process. Yet it follows the natural intelligence of the body and heart. Trust it, trust the unfolding. Along with meditation, some of your grief will want to be written in pages or poems. Some will need to be cried out, to be sung, to be danced. Let the timeless wisdom within you carry you through grief and awaken a tender, open heart.

Keep in mind that grief doesn’t just dissolve. You will notice how grief arises in waves and gradually, with growing compassion, there comes more space around it. Let it take its time. The heart opens in its own season, and little by little, gaps of new life—breaks in the rain clouds—appear. The body relaxes and freer breaths appear. This is a natural cycle you can trust: how life—and the heart—renews itself. Like the spring after winter, it always does.

~Jack Kornfield

allowing the simple waves to wash over and soothe…

inquiry for today~ this can’t be the only way….

very very blue

Maybe now


I am complete

I just have to uncover

All the bits and pieces of me

That I:

– hid, because I thought they were ugly

– abandoned, because they hurt so much

– dressed up, so you would like them

– camouflaged, so you would overlook them

– forgot, because they seemed insignificant

– never touched, because I was afraid

– overlooked, because they were always there

The list goes on.

Maybe, it is time…

It is

To uncover all of them

Because I am


~Karina Jap A Joe

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