your life in between knowings

The gift of deepening is that the heart—that ancient fish—swims closer to the center of the Earth, and the rush of being so close to the fire at the center is indescribable. Such deepening can stop us in mid-speech. Or cause us to drop the soap in the shower. Such deepening can rearrange everything, the way sand on the ocean floor stirs and settles around what no one sees. On days like today, it makes me gasp at the sun warming the

horse in my mind till it slips out of its barn. On days like today, I can smell music and hear flowers. And the flower of our pain braids with the music of our love until your story is my story. Until we feel the common ancestor we came from.

~Mark Nepo

finding a new way of simply being….

inquiry for today~ when nothing is left behind……

care of this living realm

To make living itself

an art,

that is the goal.

~Henry Miller

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