mixed callings

Love can not be taught. All we can hope for is that maybe we can unlearn all the hatred.

Because hatred is taught.

Love is from Heaven.

~Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach

when I linger in visions of wholeness…..

inquiry for today~ maybe you know more than your old heart…..

forgive the subtle shifts

The pain of disappointment.

To be in peace in life we must transcend disappointment.

Disappointment arises only when we have expectation of people, situations or life events, and so the difficulty is not with those things per se, but only with the expectation we have of them.

Life moves in its own completely independent way and does not care at all about our happiness or lack of it. These are our own very personal concerns, for what makes one person happy may have an opposite or neutral effect of another.

Our Dhamma journey is to be free, but the prison we make for ourselves begins and ends with our relationship to the mind. The moment we don’t mind what the mind presents, there is our freedom.

Do you understand?

It is not the world or anything in it that is the problem, only our own personal demands that it conforms to our own particular ideas of what is appropriate in any moment.

So put down these demands, let go of expectation and be free.

Everything is alright and the world is fine as it is, even when you don’t approve.

May all beings be happy.

~Michael Kewley

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