through the studio door

painted pages & devilish joy...

There is this suspect & guilty feeling in the studio which floats in when all is exciting, moving & raw…..I revel in it…
Every new & good thing is liable to seem eccentric, really irrelevant to life. And therefore we must always listen to the voice of eccentricity, within ourselves & in the world. The alien, the dangerous, like the negligible near thing, may seem irrelevant to purpose & yet be the call to our oun fruitful development. We must expect to live the orderly ways we have invented continually conscious of the imminence of change…….
Brewster Ghiselin….The Creative Process
Keep it real, unpolished, working, moveable, fledgling, deep in transition….
In making art, some artists have learned how to work on the things that really matter to them. It means following your heart. Having a working mastery of the creative process is truly essential to virtually all artmaking. This means creating a life in which working on your art becomes a natural part of your everyday life. Art is not made by a special breed of people, but by ordinary people who dedicate their lives to their own special work. If you are productive, your creativity will take care of itself……..
Ted Orland….The View from the Studio Door

5 thoughts on “through the studio door

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    • If you’re focused on creativity, I would suggest ‘The Zen of Creativity’ by John Daido Loori. And one of the best spiritual books I’ve ever read is Michael Singer’s ‘The Untethered Soul.’ Any more specifics, I’d love to help. Thanks for asking….

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