kissing your own heart first

topsy turvy heart desires

Our task as we move beyond modernism might be to perceive the poetry, the spirituality, & the mystery in all forms of relationship, understanding that both the joys & the trials constitute an education in the soul. We might also stand against current values & realize deeply & seriously that a good friend is perhaps more valuable than a good job, that a genuine marriage of hearts means more than success, & that the endings, failures, arguments, divorces & ruptures that are so painful in the pursuit of intimacy have their mysterious necessity….Thomas Moore

kissing our own hearts first….that we may know this deep inner work of life-living vulnerability, this heart to soul transcendence… identity without self-possession…without compartmentalizing….no boundaries between heart & soul….

Have you quieted your mind & softened your heart? Are you willing to take responsibility for what you want, for your heart’s desire- to be genuine in communication, & to deal consciously with conflict? Have you made deep peace with the wisdom of sacrifice? Then at some point- & only you will know when- you must leap. Take a leap of passion & faith. You will feel scared & lonely- aware of all the other choices that you passed up, unsure of yourself & the future- but when you commit your whole self to a wise decision, you will also feel abiding peace, incredible strength, & deep happiness. Life will feel more alive. Fun will feel more fun. Pain will feel more painful. You will be, in the words of Chogyam Trungpa, ‘a king or queen with a broken heart,’ ruling your world, sobered by reality, exuberant, fearless, & compassionate……Elizabeth Lesser

a profound statement for sure….sorting out your heart’s passages, finding your voice through your heart….learning what kindness means…not just what kindness ‘is’….

your longing heart overflows, multiplies,

beats into a willingness to hurt the ok hurt….

a cadence within…

12 thoughts on “kissing your own heart first

  1. “finding your voice through your heart”
    Isn’t it funny how scared we are to know our own voices at times, to hear it sing from a place within and not be able to find our pain as a source?

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Wisely stated….it always seems to come back to fear….afraid of the pain….forgetting that it is a wise teacher…Thanks for sharing…

  2. I think this is the way of most anything. We can’t help another until we held ourselves. No matter how much time we make for others, the first act of compassion is for yourself – so that you know when you need that moment of peace – so you can reconnect with both your heart and soul (I love to call this a resynchronization of your compass). The command to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ makes an assumed command – that you love yourself first. Quite simply – the more you love, the more you love! Thank you so much for this reminder

    • Love that…..’a resynchronization of your compass’…..over & over, coming back to ‘source’ is needed, normal, & natural….loving ourselves means accepting our flaws & sometimes that’s more than we can handle….strength through faith & the moment, knowing it’s enough….Thank you m.m. for your insights…..

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