letting in mercy….armoring with bliss…

gothic tombs of infinite bliss

After long searches here & there, in temples & in churches, in earths & in heavens, at last you come back, completing the circle from where you started, to your own soul & find that He/She, for whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have been weeping & praying in churches & temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries shrouded in the clouds, is nearest of the near, is your own Self, the reality of your life, body & soul……Swami Vivekenanda

our whole life competes against presence….we struggle through the tombs of our experience…alighting on every little snag….every inevitable wave of ignorance, fear, stress, anxiety or depression….we do not accept the fact that life is difficult….we know, but we do not accept….

Ajahn Chah says. ‘Try to do everything with a mind that lets go…’ Every moment of witnessing brings us to a full life in our body. We naturally feel our interconnectedness with other beings. In these precious moments, we awake from the dream of separation & striving, & we experience the hidden depths of life. We experence the essence of all spirituality: generosity, gratitude, & love. And in these moments of transparency we feel more real than ever…..Stephen Cope

acknowledging that life is hard is far from giving up..

it takes amazing bliss-ness…it’s ok to trust ourselves…

 we can come back to our inherent life..our intuitive generosity….

our courageous, fierce, & radical kindness…..

don’t let ’em steal your soul….


8 thoughts on “letting in mercy….armoring with bliss…

    • Thanks Mark….coming from a positive place clears so much space….we are all working on dealing with suffering….we can gain so much strength from each other….thanks for sharing…..

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Brings up many thoughts and memories for me. I’ve also found it benefitting to accept that life can be easy too. Though, challenges seem ever-present and we grow from them. I love exploring this way. Grateful to have found your blog … ~J

    • As a young woman, I too, went through an intense phase of self-questioning….lots of memories for me…..I love this ‘stepping up to courage’ idea of ‘accepting that life can be easy’……wonderful exploration…..Thanks for sharing….glad to have your blog as well….

  2. I find it ever harder to live in what many would think a blessed life, knowing I am selling my soul to the highest bidder. For now I have financed my future, so I am serving a self imposed sentence … I am counting the days to my release …

    • Intriguing idea of ‘counting the days to my release’…..There is this ‘tension’ in life which can seem unbearable….very much a nameless one….Maybe your’e too hard on yourself? Thanks for sharing this intense call to question…..

    • Oh yes….a whole new set of challenges when our hearts are opened….as the Buddhists say…..’need a strong front & a strong back’…..open heart & the strength to deal with all that you are now aware of……Thanks for sharing George….

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