the shadow work of chaos & unstructuring choices

come rest awhile

maybe ‘it’s’ about ‘trying’ less…..not harder, not longer, not stronger….allowing rather than doing….’being you’ means being with you….

‘Enlightenment is like the moon reflected in a dewdrop on a blade of grass. The moon does not get wet, nor is the drop of water broken…And the whole moon & entire sky are reflected in even one drop of water.’….Dogen

In truth, the smallest stem of a damaged heart, like a single blade of grass, holds the essence of everything alive. Enlightenment is the kiss of anything…moon, storm, or kindness…that opens us to that essence….Mark Nepo

where are you touched by life? the magnificent reflected in the hum of your heart at rest….’feet up’ as a symbolic act of refuge….a healing….the most rational act of heartfulness…..allowing humanness….stop chasing our tails long enough to remember why….our shadows are always just out of reach…

every small choice may be more fundamental than the big ones…

It can seem relentless to be aware so much of the time. Yet, pausing often helps us remember our ability to choose. Remembering to ask, ‘what’s enough here & now?’ takes us deeper. We will find ourselves ripening into another way of being. It happens as silently & as slowly as an apple turning red…….Gunilla Norris

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21 thoughts on “the shadow work of chaos & unstructuring choices

  1. Such gentle and sweet words, but packs a powerful message to the heart….I so enjoy all your lovely thoughts and posts…your blog has an exceptionally peaceful and beautiful feel…and it is quite contagious….thank you much…

  2. Exactly! A pause to refresh…:) Often we do “chase our tails” and don’t know when to stop. I think you’ve got it nailed down!

  3. Another lovely post that leaves me with a feeling of gentle peace … beautiful, thank you. ~ Julie xox

    • Wise comment…..that last part…’unconditionally’ is so telling isn’t it? Can we be ok while we know our limitations, regardless? Thanks for sharing Victoria….

  4. Although I’ve not commented on all of your posts, as I read a number of them today–and this one in particular–I was overwhelmed by a soft melancholy. Your words remind me of the one great therapist I had–a woman who, sadly, is no longer with us. That’s the melancholy–I miss her. Thank you for all you share here.

    • I have always felt a close abiding with the ‘soft’ side of melancholy…..there must be a connection….great way to describe it…..thank you for sharing & Happy Easter….

    • So pleased it resonates…..I believe there’s a little magic that happens when we stretch our hearts…& we all do a little better with encouragement….with gratitude for your kind words….

      • oh my goodness…..another person who uses ….. (multiple dots, that is) oh that’s so reassuring….. sometimes I think of how those dots really aren’t in the punctuation books….(I teach school)…but then, they express so well….and I use them constantly…. the pauses and meanderings in my thoughts…. : ) ahhhh, a kindred multi-dot spirit…. : )

      • oh my yes….it’s how I think!….and I know it’s ‘terrible’ and probably quite annoying to some, but………thanks for the ‘dot-support;….:)

  5. It’s how I think too…. I’ve tried not to concern myself with my own dot-pauses and meanderings…but sometimes I slightly wonder about others’ reactions…and have decided…”oh well……….”…. that’s a great term…. “dot-support” …. : )

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