flying our wishes out in a stream of magic….an ode to joy…

whimsy wands...

I make what I call ‘whimsy wands’……a variation on the magic wand……I have sold  them at craft shows & I give them to kids & kids at heart….they elicit the most wonderful response……joyful, caught of guard, playful….made of sticks & shells, feathers & ribbons & other fun stuff…..a little magic to be strewn about….lightening our load with a laugh & a wish…

this is the essence of our beauteous & vibrant existence…..the one we forget we own….the contradictions of a seemingly unexceptional self….a belly laugh rising like a beast from the mysterious depths of ordinary life, hurling us out of our usual identity….an intensity of living becomes available, graced with the authenticity of joy….

something special about a childlike, whimsical, make-believe moment…

When the puer (‘child’ in Latin) shows up, it offers great promise. We may find the puer rising after a period of cool discontent or fallow wintering of the soul. Its appearance signals a renaissance of possiblility. The puer is our creativity. The puer is an aspect of the spiritual side of a man or woman complimenting the deep, downward, grounded soul. It keeps us moving, looking ahead, creating & imagining…..Thomas Moore

find a little heart space… 

When we feel joy, our whole life lights up. When we feel joy, our light extends to everyone in our experience. In our presence, people who hide in the darknesss of judgment & criticism suddenly see the light that shines inside themselves. If you want to do God’s work, find the light that lies in your mind & heart. Feel the fire in the heart that comes from your gratitude, your appreciation of your life just the way it is. Because you feel joy in the moment, the warmth in your heart is given wings. ….Paul Ferrini

14 thoughts on “flying our wishes out in a stream of magic….an ode to joy…

  1. I still like to make faces in the mirror, and do other things that my grandson calls me silly… I think the reality is that it’s my letting go of the silly world we live in, the one that takes everything too seriously.

  2. Oh I totally love these whimsy wands–great concept! I suspect they’d be a great talisman for a poet!!

      • How sweet and generous your words–but I still want a whimsy wand! I’m on the poverty level, otherwise I’d ask how to order one from you. I didn’t notice whether you have a store on your blog–if so, maybe I could hint to someone for a birthday present! Thanks for “chatting”–sending blessings your way.

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