true freedom is not truth…rather…a little edgy reality…

a child's view

To live the symbolic life which the journey required so I could perceive it, I had to free myself from the encumbrance of the ordinary……Barbara Hammer

do you really believe in peace, love, hope & faith?

how can we make these ideologies more real? maybe the twist lies not in making them more real, but more ethereal…landing them in our dreams so that we may believe again…as seen from a child’s eyes…

a little naive hope lands us softly sometimes…like puppets & fairy tales…

Many people have their first spiritual experience in childhood, that of an innate & natural connection with what is sacred & holy. The playfulness, joy, & curiosity of our childhood can become a foundation for the delighted rediscovery of this spirit in our practice. Even with painful experiences behind us, they may stimulate our longing for true well-being, & therefore, inevitably certain moments of every childhood will contain the seeds of awakening.

….Jack Kornfield…

may your silliness bring out your highest integrity…

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