New Awards…..Gratitude & Connection…..

Sharing Awards & Inspiration…..

Thanks to Mira Jay & her blog, Divine Rhythm, for her fun nomination….

her Baskets of Love Award…..

she’s multi-talented as you will see…engaging & intriguing….

check out her lengthy awards page….

then spend a little time with her poetry….beauteous….

Passing on Baskets of Love to…..


The Liberated Way

Life Just Is


Waiting for the Karma Truck

Thank you Leigh for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger Award….

(with rules of gratitude, links & 6 new nominations)

Her lovely blog, Bluegrass Notes, invites you into her ‘real journey’

an inspirational blog to this aspiring yogi….

And she’s witty too!

Passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to….

Resting In Awareness

Angela Hickman

Sticky Fingers

The Ordinary Truth

Drawn to Life

Four Winds Haiga

sunshine award

Lisa & her blog, A Charmed Yogi, have thrilled me

with another Sunshine Award…(please see rules & questions there)

Her blog inspires me to be a little more present,

& renews my love & faith in contemplative practices….

Check out her insightful blog…..

 Ben & his blog, The Sacred Art of Language,

has also nominated me for a Sunshine Award….

Love his unabashed excitement about life…..

Need something new? Read Ben’s poetry….

Passing on the The Sunshine Award to….

Known is a Drop, Unknown is the Ocean

The Awakened Dreamer

Sleep is for the Weak

On Second Thought


Freestyle Awakening


Season’s Light

And last, but certainly not least, big gratitude to

Francina at Season’s Poetry

for including me in her lovely blogroll

of assorted nominations….great idea!

Please visit her blog for poetry & photography…..

both high quality & eloquent in equal measure….

20 thoughts on “New Awards…..Gratitude & Connection…..

  1. I am really touched that you nominated me for an award. I have to confess to seeing these on other peoples’ blogs and having no idea about how they worked. Thank you thank you…I feel very special.. 🙂

  2. Congrats for your awards and thank you for the award. I’ve been enjoying your site.

    With gratitude,

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