the shift from yearning to an invitation to awareness

effulgent light of stillness

The answer is to be so quiet that the questions stop. From the lake of silence, answers resound as echoes from the primal text. From a relaxed state of being, the seminal gestates. We are in tune with the resonant knowledge, the platonic wisdoms that murmur from the earliest pools. In being stillness, instinct calmly guides……Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

this uncluttered space shines in our poetic embrace of life….a quiet pool of mind….

it’s a hard road……searching for a little peace & quiet….

With more awareness we discover that small gaps in our daily round can be places of silence. These are the found times in which we ourselves are found. We turn our attention to the texture & feel of things around us, the vastness that holds everything, the great lap of silence…..Gunilla Norris

mini breath breaks…feeling our own breathtaking presence in the midst of disconnection renews our hope….little treasures are found again….

6 thoughts on “the shift from yearning to an invitation to awareness

  1. I was listening to Carolyn Myss’ Spiritual Madness again yesterday and she was talking about this, how the great challenge in these times is that we cannot withdraw from the world to seek the spirit, we live a whole life, and have to find the spirit within and around it. These interludes your infer here are those time where we step aside from our busy day, and see the way spirit moves in everything, a quiet moment is all it takes. Yes it is a long hard road to peace and quiet …

    • ‘the way spirit moves in everything’…’s about allowing the breath & spirit to move us…our mind won’t allow it alone…it’s too ‘busy’….thank you g.f.s for the reminder to resist sensory overload…

  2. When I read your thoughts, I feel you’re the one who said Stanley’s victor statement:
    “Don’t live by my words, don’t die by them, chew them slowly digest them, and smile if they give nourishment to your soul.”
    I always get a glittering one painted…
    Love & Light

    • Yes indeed…it’s always a gentle offering…honoring everyone’s unique process & values…little lights along the way…wishing you sparkled daydreams today:)…thanks Mira…

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