the intimate landscape of home


Home is not only a refuge and a sanctuary. It can also be a workshop for the creation of our identity. This is my home. This is where I was born. This is the bayou that runs in my dreams, this is the bayou bank that taught me to love water, where I spent endless summer hours alone or with my cousins. This is where I learned to swim, where mud first oozed up between my toes. This is my world, where I was formed, where I came from, who I am. This is where my sandpile was. I have spent a thousand hours alone beneath this tree making forts for the fairies to dance on in the moonlight. At night, after I was asleep, my mother would come out here and dance her fingers all over my sand forts so that in the morning I would see the prints and believe that fairies danced at night in the sand…..Ellen Gilchrist

this deep rest that eludes us is really about needing a ‘place’ to rest….a place of tranquility not found anywhere else…..this mystery, this wild, raw and nettled nook rediscovers us each time we settle in….never are we more sleepy-eyed-under-moon as we are in our little world…ensconced in whatever meaning whispers through the moonlit window…..

Whatever a house is to the heart and body of man- refuge, comfort, luxury- surely it is as much or more to the spirit. Think how often our dreams take place inside the houses of our imaginations! Sometimes these are fearful, gloomy, enclosed places. At other times they are bright and have many windows and are surrounded by gardens combed and invitational, or unpathed and wild. Surely such houses appearing in our sleepwork represent the state of the soul, or, if you prefer it, the state of the mind. Real estate, in any case, is not the issue of dreams. The condition of our true and private self is what dreams are about. If you rise refreshed from a dream- a night’s settlement inside some house that has filled you with pleasure- you are doing okay. If you wake to the memory of squeezing confinement, rooms without air or light, a door difficult or impossible to open, a troubling disorganization or even wreckage inside, you are in trouble- with yourself. There are dream houses that pin themselves upon the windy porches of mountains, that open their own windows and summon in flocks of wild and colorful birds- and there are houses that hunker upon narrow ice floes adrift upon endless, dark waters; houses that creak, houses that sing; houses that will say nothing at all to you though you beg and plead all night for some answer to your vexing questions….Mary Oliver


Home is a place where you can catch a dream and ride it to the end of the line and back. Where you can watch shadow and light doing a tight little tango on a wooden floor or an intoxicated moon rising through an empty window. Home is a place to become yourself. It’s the right spot, the bright spot, or just the spot where you can land on your feet or recline in a tub of sparkling brew if you’re so inclined. It’s a place of silence where harmony and chaos are shuffled like a deck of cards and it’s your draw. It’s somewhere you can close a door and open your heart….Theo Pelletier

4 thoughts on “the intimate landscape of home

    • I have always found such sweet comfort under the moon….like it’s shining just for me and my little nook…..cozy, sublime homecoming…..moon love to you Bobbie…

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