contemplative edge of the world


Self knowledge is not fully possible for human beings. We do not reside in a body, a mind or a world where it is achievable or from the point of being interesting, even desirable. Half of what lies in the heart and mind is potentiality, resides in the darkness of the unspoken and unarticulated and has not yet come into being: this hidden unspoken half will supplant and subvert any present understandings we have about ourselves.

Human beings are a frontier between what is known and what is not known. The act of turning any part of the unknown into the known is simply an invitation for an equal measure of the unknown to flow in and reestablish that frontier: to reassert both the exterior and interior horizon of an individual life; to make us what we are – that is – a moving edge between what we know about ourselves and what we are about to become. What we are actually about to become or are afraid of becoming always trumps and rules over what we think we are already.

The hope that a human being can achieve complete honesty and self-knowledge with regard to themselves is a fiction and a chimera, the jargon and goals of a corporate educational system brought to bear on the depths of an identity where the writ of organizing language cannot run. Self-knowledge includes the understanding that the self we want to know is about to disappear. What we can understand is the way we occupy this frontier between the known and the unknown, the way we hold the conversation of life, the figure we cut at that edge, but a detailed audit of the self is not possible and diminishes us in the attempt to establish it; we are made on a grander scale, half afraid of ourselves, half in love with immensities beyond any name we can give……David Whyte

cyclical, this life….the circle ends where it begins… soothing the circle is in how it folds in on itself, unbroken, moving, and without harsh lines of judgment……the circle calls forth surrender, un-doing, harmony and being-ness……there are times in life when the circle is too perfect though for the rigors and challenges of life……

When a river flows, it doesn’t matter the color of the water. When a river flows, it doesn’t matter its width. When a river flows, it doesn’t matter its destination. It still flows. It is a river whose definition isn’t changed by what surrounds it or who surrounds it. It is a river, a beautiful winding, flowing specimen of the earth giving the gift of itself to many. It is a river. In a world full of definitions, how do we become our true selves, our river? We start out life being defined. We are a girl or a boy, a sister or brother, a daughter or a son. We are defined from moment to moment. We are told by our placement in life who and how we should be. We aren’t even conscious of this phenomenon. We just are. It is nearly impossible to escape. It is time. Time to get that eraser and start erasing. How can I know who my inner self is if these definitions have already told me and those around me? How can my soul have the room to breathe its own breath? Definitions should have no importance. All the definitions that have made me my outside self have blocked out my inner soul where no definitions reside. Definitions be damned. You are no longer safe on my page. Join me in the erasing movement. Find your eraser hidden inside and start erasing the definitions that have defined you and the definitions you have used to define others. Turn yourself inside out. Make invisible your definitions. See yourself as a soul coming through armor. Your outer covering is just that — armor used to cover up what is underneath and feigning protection. Shed your armor and let your true self be found. Honor that self. Blast your selfness to the world and be proud. Let go of the constraints of definitions and just be. Wash off the judgment the ego has been so welcome to keep. Sing to the heavens, bow to the earth, and listen to your heart. Grab your eraser and start erasing…..Rebecca McKown

unreasonable insight

When we learn to be with our pain the parts of ourselves we have attempted to leave behind are retrieved, are loved again. We find our wholeness and leave behind the impossible ideal of perfection that keeps us from the wisdom we need to live fully and compassionately with our humanness and the world……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2 thoughts on “contemplative edge of the world

  1. Our days are spotted by loss and grief……….and a world of people who pat us on the back and tell us ‘everything will be okay’. And surely it will, but it will not be the same. I feel sad for the soul who doesn’t understand – that some hurts aren’t meant to scab over. I have lost many who I loved deeply, and I’ve yet to find any other person who could perfectly fit into the place left by another. It cannot be done, and it shouldn’t be. Our healing isn’t about getting us back to ‘normal’; it’s about learning how to live (to love) even when much of who we are seems to have been lost. May your day be blessed with springtime remembrances. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • thank you for this honoring…….never with the trite hope of fixing, but the deep hope of knowing real compassion and healing……love to your heart Bobbie….

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