the path of courage leads home


In fact, in truth, the Path
is right where you stand.


we cross over many times…..into the lack of inner limitations…..into morality traps…..into the many weaknesses that are really just a normal part of our human condition….into the deepening relationships with ourselves….into being real…..

Life will rip your soul to pieces.

It will tear out your heart, throw it in the dirt and stomp out the light in your eyes if you let it. Sand out the pain. Rip out the violent memories. And after it has all been torn to shreds, nail in new adoration for yourself. Create an open floor plan in your heart — one that makes room for your true identity. Paint your walls with forgiveness — a universal color that truly does make your soul much bigger, as it allows room for others to fulfill your life with their own wisdom. Fill the plumbing with grace — not just for those who have hurt you, but for yourself. The rich pine floor that was once covered with anger, resentment, and disappointment is now stained with forgiveness, beauty, and grace.

I want to lay your soul as the foundation of my home.

I want to walk barefoot along the cracks of your heart and explore every piece of your compassion and love. I want to lie on the hardwood floor and absorb your abundant wisdom and kindness living within it.

I want to lean against the grooves in the hand-scraped wooden beams and soak in your foundational strength and fortitude. I want to hold your cracked hands in mine. Your hands — the very curators of character that created this beautifully restored soul.

Let that grace be the unseen usher of dirt, excretion, and all else that needs to leave your home. Run your hands along the painful reminders ingrained in the wood and then step back and smile, for you’ve handcrafted a magnificently restored soul worth thriving in…..Alison Dupra

patience with ‘not being enough’

If spirituality is only about self-transcendence—about seeing through the story of ‘me’ that we habitually inhabit—then it runs the risk of cutting us loose from that story so that we no longer take care of the human wounds of self and other. No matter how imaginary the self proves to be, we return to its world. If spiritual or transcendent insight doesn’t lead to healing and transformation in our actual daily lives, it is clearly incomplete……Henry Shukman

2 thoughts on “the path of courage leads home

  1. Our joy – our bliss – is directly proportional to our courage. Dare we test the straining branches with the weight of song……. Always, to our truth (love) we are remembered. We carry our treasure in our bones. ~ Love you, Bobbie

    • never free from soul illusion, yet the shift to awakening is as close as the next step…..I know you know that pause in between….may we walk through again and again Bobbie……

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