an essential & existential fever


My creed:
Precepts for the Wayfarer

I will walk every step of the way.
I will walk always for others and always with others.
I will take with me only what I need and keep only what is useful.
I will accept with gratitude and good will what is offered to me.
I will act with respect, kindness, and humility toward all beings.
I will reject nothing and cling to nothing.
I will keep heart and senses open.
I will allow myself to feel compassion for the suffering of all beings.
I will regard every situation as my teacher, every being as my friend and kin, and every
hardship as a chance to cultivate equanimity.
I will not waste this precious breath, this precious day, and this precious awareness…..Roshi Joan Halifax

this empowering inner peace arrives at our heart’s unfathomable well, through the sacred honoring of one’s being here…..yes, allowing oneself the simple precious gift of having a place on this planet strengthens our deep knowing…..

Your life is yours alone: You create the power, you have the choice, and you make the decisions. Pay no attention to the doubters, the naysayers, and the pessimists always lurking, waiting, haunting. Just do what makes you happy. Do what makes you explode inside. Do what tattoos a smile on your heart. Do what fills you with hope. Do what drives you. Do what you do best, and do what you love, and then do that for the rest of your life……Long Distance Love Bombs

diving into secret mantras

Like a Drop of Clear Water

After many days
alone in the mountains,

the body hesitates
at the sight of a single roof.

Having listened to the wind,
sufficient to itself,

like a single clear breath
from the body of the mountain,

we hear the sutra’s
diamond hard presence

at the center of experience
so clearly now,

spoken from the felt rhythm
of a ten-day walk.

And having crossed the pass
in cold rain,

we wait, about to ripen
into our own going,

like a drop of clear water
hanging from the cliff edge,

its own transparent world
growing from within,

until it fills with just enough
to flow on

out of the mountains
as we do.

So silent now, only the sound,
as we go

of that pure water

toward home.

……David Whyte

2 thoughts on “an essential & existential fever

  1. I have a favorite rocker. I would know it in the dark, and it knows me. In the settling in to a place that knows me, accepts me, I understand the truth that is love. It is the returning to a place that never forgot our place. ❤

    • embodied wisdom holds us when we can’t sort it all out….we simply fall into an inner knowing……this too, is so why yoga is powerful….I feel the quiet rhythm of you, the rocker and your poetry….blessings dear Robbie…..

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